Our Story


Some forty years ago a "Spicy" auburn-haired teenager met a young fella and three years later they married.  As they began making their life together, the young fella realized his "Spicy" auburn-haired wife knew little about cooking, especially when she served him scrambled eggs made with sugar instead of salt.

That's when the "Picky" husband, in self-defense, started working with seasonings and taught his "Spicy" auburn-haired wife how to cook. Of course, she kept changing his recipe, driving him nuts! He, in turn, would steer her back. Eventually, a happy medium was reached with a well-balanced blend and everything was nice at least with the seasoning blend.

About fifteen years ago the "Spicy" auburn-haired wife went through some major health issues and everything changed, even the seasoning blend. The regular salt came out and a quality sea salt went in. The "Spicy" auburn-haired wife and her "Picky" husband try to do everything as healthy as possible.

A few years before the "Picky" husband was ready to retire they began traveling and their seasoning went with them. People fell in love with their seasoning blend and would take it, then call and ask for more, upon which a bag was mailed to them.  On return visits the "Spicy" auburn-haired wife and her "Picky" husband often found a shaker on a table bearing the name of the "Spicy" auburn-haired wife, "Carmalete's."

After a few years of friends urging them to put it in stores, it is now available for you to try!

So "WAKE UP" your taste buds and "SPICE UP" your meals with Carmelete's “All Natural”Seasoning! Use it on whatever hops, runs, swims, or flies ... and don't forget about your eggs, vegetables, and soups either!

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