August 2021

We returned from vacationing in Arkansas on the 2nd.  We had enough time to check my seasoning supply in area stores before friends from Holland came in for a visit.  The bride’s dad, a close friend, drove the family early one Saturday morning for breakfast.  The new bride learned first hand how to make pancakes and biscuits from scratch.  Emphasis was on aluminum free baking powder and the use of different organic flours, because these are grown free of insecticides, pesticides, and herbicides. 

   We had a good old time.  Her husband and son ate as many as 6-8 pancakes apiece plus each a couple of biscuits. There was much laughter and exclamations on hearing, “More, please.”

    I was under the weather with what felt like the flu; fever for a couple of days, chills, body aches, and no appetite.  I did slow down, but only stopped for a couple of days to hug the bed.  Finally on the 16th, after  I was swabbed and determined to have CO-VID.  I was hospitalized and put on the CDC protocol, which lowered my heart rate from 68 to the low 30’s.  After 3 days, I came home with 7 medications.   I was elated when I ran out, but did not think to do a liver cleanse.  My bad.  Later on that.

   For us, August was a wet month. It rained most every day and sometimes as much as 5-8 inches a day.  Bayous, lakes, and even small revines swelled their banks and some overflowed.

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