July 2021

The month of July began with a demonstration at Basic Foods in Beaumont, Texas.  On hand were 4 different dishes prepared with 4 of my Organic Blends.  Taco meat, obtained from 1 of my daughter’s grass fed angus calves and prepared with Carmalete’s Organic Taco Blend.   In addition, I had cooked a simple spaghetti sauce using Carmalete’s Organic Mediterranean blend, grilled organic chicken prepared with my Organic Poultry Blend, and to top these off, Randy and I had prepared Beef Tasso using organic beef and Carmalete’s Organic Original blend.

We handed out cooked samples from 1pm – 5pm.  It was a success.  Customers were so glad to have an opportunity to taste the different blends; especially cooked into the different dishes.  It is always a highlight to visit with potential customers.

The following week, we had 3 of our 4 grandsons for the weekend. The oldest, Isaac, left on Monday to return home to take care of the dogs and be closer to his job.  Remington stayed through Thursday with us; then I drove him home so he could go to camp. 

The 29th of July through the 2nd of August, we traveled to Glenwood, Arkansas, to meet up with our oldest daughter, Jennifer and her family.  We went kayaking, hiking, deep hole swimming, and enjoyed cooking, eating, and lots of laughter.  The things that come out of the mouth of a 9 year old boy is something I am not used to.  Combine that with the thoughts of a soon to be 14 year old girl …. Well, let me tell you, shock and thunder rolls of laughter until I was on the verge of crying.  We traveled up to Lake Catherine for the grands to cliff dive, but because Arkansas had been in a drought, that activity was cancelled.

Monday morning, we woke up and started packing, loaded up the cars, and were back on the road heading home.  After a couple of hours, we stopped in Bossier City to stretch our legs, have lunch, and shop for fishing lures.  We arrived home to find all of our livestock still with us, nicely taken care of, and excited to see us.

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