October 2021

Fall is here, but with warm to cool temperatures.  Time to get the yard ready for the Father’s Fall Feast.  This is a Feast commanded by our Heavenly Father for all his generations.  For 7 days, we are to dwell in temporary dwellings or shelters. It is fully described in the Scriptures; the book of Leviticus.  The rains had left, but the mosquitoes were awful. They were everywhere and in swarms.  So we purchased a couple more DynaTraps; mosquito eating machines – poison.

     I spent two weeks before the Feast cooking and freezing meals, so I would have time to visit.  This year’s menu consisted of two different Spaghetti dinners. One with smothered eggplant and onions. The other with mushrooms, olives, and kale.  Campfire stew, hen and beef tasso gumbo, creamy cheesy chicken casserole, mixed vegetables, and smoked chicken salad were all prepared ahead of time.  Other meals provided were smoked brisket and grilled ribeye steaks.  Breakfasts were either pancakes, biscuits with hashbrowns, eggs, and leftover vegetables, smoothies, or omelettes with biscuits.  We had fun singing old hymns, playing cards, sitting around the campfire (before the mosquitoes came out), and catching up on the latest events in each others’ lives.

    Following this time of heavy feasting, we began eating light. Three meals a day came down to two meals a day, one being a salad.  Detox tea began and ended each day for the next two weeks, cleaning out my Liver from heavy medication given while I was hospitalized and under dr’s orders.

    Our country is imposing higher fuel prices, which unfortunately raises  prices.  Ingredients to make our seasoning and blends have gone up twice since March of this year and are expected to rise again before the end of this year.  I am placing pallet sized orders for my seasoning so as  not to have to raise prices until next Spring. 

    Enjoy the fall and keep your eyes open for Holiday Sales.

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